Temple Dwelling

The body is also called a temple.

We worship, celebrate, pray, sacrifice and discover life in our temples.

The body temple is still relevant as a place of reverence, celebration,  sacredness and self-discovery.

I am offering this space for other temple dwellers to explore, share and come home to the body.


4 responses to “Temple Dwelling

  1. My experiences with inner and outer body (spiritual) exploring has lead me to understand (FOR ME) that the body is a chamber for the soul to grow / mature / develop. The things you feed it or allow (through your senses / emotions) is exactly what it will develop be like. I am speaking of spirit (not food).

    Consider this, as we are / traveling through space / on this wonderful planet / with a huge window to the universe / for all to share and to see / our spirits will continue on and our bodies will remain here when we pass. Therefor, It is my judgment that our temples are truly vessels that house our spirit / soul until were ready for the next episode.

    Your temple is your home, home is were your heart is, without heart there is no life, so never leave home without it . :)))

    P.S. This is new to me and I like this internet stuff for now.

    • I like that perspective Eric. That our temples house our spirits and that’s part of the inspiration for my blog. I hope you continue to meet fellow explorers as you travel on 🙂

  2. I met you a few days ago and I was very impressed with you as a person and your perspective on the life and health issues. I do not understand why you say healthy wicked fun. I found nothing wicked about your or anything you have said. I would also like to comment that I am meeting others with your perspective and insight and that is good for me. I have not found anything wicked about them either (actually, just the opposite).

    • 🙂 Thanks for the feedback. I mean wicked in the playful, mischievous sense of the word. I’ve met so many people over the years who’ve felt that “being healthy” meant having no fun and eating tasteless food and feeling just “all around under inspired”. People I met also had a similar belief about what it would mean for them to develop their spirit side, their sense of spirituality and, with my work, I want to offer people a different view point. My best teachers have been a range of ascetics and lavish livers, but the teachers that resonated most with how I enjoy life and self-expression have been the ones who liked a little brandy with their breakfast 🙂 and were comfortable expressing their sensuality all while being devoted to their practices, their personal growth and their service to others. I want to help people see these possibilities for themselves; that spiritual expression and healthy living are enjoyable, they can be playful and luxurious experiences. So, yeah, wicked in the playful sense. Wicked in the skater sense. Lighthearted, loving, fun and adventurous.

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