What Do You Do With That?

I usually buy something from the produce department that stumps the cashiers at my local grocer.

This week, one of the baggers asked: “What is that weird fingery thing?”

Me: “Ginger.”

Bagger: “What do people do with it? Someone else came through with one yesterday.”


I will buy things and have no idea what to do with them, or, I’ll see something, in its whole form, that I usually only see in powdered form, like turmeric, and I’ll get excited about experimenting with it. And I’ll place it in my fridge and remember it when it’s molded over. People ask me all the time, how do I know what to eat and how do I avoid food boredom.


One of my secrets is that I try things I’ve never seen or heard of before (chayote), or I try a different colored potato or cauliflower, or tomato. I pick things up because they’re pretty (edible flowers) or, weirdly pretty (dragon fruit) or, just weird looking (enoki).


Then, I go looking for recipes. I experiment. I make messes in my kitchen. I make disasters. And, I also get lucky. I find new flavors and textures to love and I expand the foods I’m comfortable working with.


For the bagger I met this week, here are two of my favorite ginger recipes:

Lemon, Ginger and Honey Flu Remedy

Carrot Ginger dressing just like the sushi bars!

Enjoy and let me know about your favorite “off the beaten path foods” in the comments box below.


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