Holy, Holy

sunset offering

“Listen Sweet Soul;

there are people in your life you


inspire just by being you.

Contemplate on that tonight.

Your life has more value

and meaning than you realise.”

Unknown (to me)

And this has been on my mind a lot this year. So many stories of people not seeing, in ourselves, the gifts we bring to one another. And feeling distraught, alone and disconnected.
This year, I’ve been reading about personal medicine in Native American tradition. As I understand it so far, our medicine is the quality that inspires (in others) healing and balance; love, honesty, beauty, courage, vision, clarity, peacefulness, playfulness and these other experiences that encourage humanity to keep moving forward.

So many of us are yearning for connection and part of feeling connected is feeling seen. Witnessed by our group.

I’m wondering if we can tell the people in our lives about the medicine they carry. Do we know what value, in words, these people bring to us just by being present and being themselves.

I’m wondering, can we be willing to take time enough to share what we see, and experience, in the people we share this precious life with. Even those we think we don’t know well, but, do know that we would miss if we didn’t see them or hear from or about them in the week.

A note of appreciation. A thank you, eye to eye, for listening or providing a beautiful moment. Or a thank you for your incredible patience. Thank you for your constant support, you have a soothing calming presence, you are always full of great ideas, thank you, you remind me to slow down and see my children, thank you, the way you eat, with joy, makes me feel safe eating too, thank you, you always have some beautiful little detail in your clothing, it inspires me to pay attention to what I am wearing, no matter what the weather is, you are always out running, thank you for encouraging me to keep it up, you love me and I feel safe because of your love, thank you, you speak your mind, and when you do, I feel as though I can too, you make it so easy to apologize when I’m wrong, thank you for being so able to love ALL of me, you are always introducing me to new music, thank you, your love for this city is palpable, you make me realize I live in a fantastic place, thank you. Thank you for your loyalty, your curiosity inspires me, your courage moves me.

There is so much to appreciate about one another.

I’m wondering, if knowing what is appreciated, would help more of us feel our own good and holy purpose in the world.


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