Flying High With Essential Oils

Dr. Beak of Rome

My guy is flying to India in a few weeks and there is nothing like a loved one flying into danger to motivate us to look for every possible protection. We like to eat. (He and I) And, he plans to eat everything he can get his hands on while he’s there. Starting with the KFC, which is far better than any KFC chain in the U.S, according to his Indian friends.

Fried curried chicken anyone?…?

So, naturally, I’m concerned about Dehli belly, even though it’s a super catchy name. Sounds like fun actually. But, my boy has got to work and play and eat. And eat. And… he might hate me if I put another eat here. (But, I would have 3 eats).

So to fend off the creepy crawlies, I’m sending him over with a few anti-microbial warriors, starting with lavender.

Lavender oil is the gateway e.o isn’t it? When we’re introduced to essential oils, no matter the brand, we’re taught that lavender is calming and good for anxiety and sleeplessness. Well, lavender is even cooler than all of that. It’s chemical structure is so even keeled, that it’s effect in the body, adapts to the needs of the body. If you need to rest, lavender supports rest. If, on the other hand, you need feel energized, this oil can also support that response in the body. It’s good for burns and bruises, too.

Lavender is also anti-microbial and has shown an ability to eliminate the protozoan pathogen Giardia (Moon et al., 2006) …food, is a very important part of this trip remember?

I’m also sending with him, the digestive avenger, ginger, to support him in his culinary adventures.

Ginger can also double as a jet lag fighter, if he ends up with some of the symptoms listed in the jet lag article, on And, I am sending joyful, wild orange to help with jet lag.

The citruses, as a group, are uplifting oils and orange has been known to support others in sleeping well.

I even have a plan for the flight out. If you’ve ever flown you’ve definitely experienced recycled cabin air, and some of you, even have personal experience, with the mysteriously fast head cold that develops pre-during-and post flight for the unlucky.

As far as the actual flight goes, I know lavender can fight off the boogers with the best of them but, I’m particularly fond of a blend of clove, orange and cinnamon called On Guard. It guards well against the common cold and the threat of flu and some other hard-core petri dish squatters.

How will he use these? The simplest way will be to apply them to his hands and breathe in. His body will also absorb what it needs to and the essential oil superheroes will do their good work from the inside out, too.

So, you’re wondering, “what’s this got to do with me?” It’s cold and flu season, silly. Still.

All year for some people like school staff and hospital crew. Regular use of essential oils as an immune protector, especially through aromatic diffusion, can help keep you standing when friends and colleagues are going down. You can super boost your immune system by feeding your body well and keeping the processed sugars (what I call the fun stuff) at a minimum.

If you don’t like lavender or ginger or some of the others I’ve listed here, there are other beautiful and highly effective oils to choose from that share these properties.

I would love to hear how you  protect yourself from OPC (other people’s cooties). Leave your best tips in the comments below.

Thanks, and take care of your perfect self ~


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