In dreams

pink burst up close

Last night I dreamt a man handed me marjoram in essential oil form. I couldn’t smell a thing and when I woke I could not figure out why he was handing this particular herb to me. So, I looked marjoram up in my Gabriel Mojay aromatherapy book. It was used by the Greeks and Romans as a symbol of joy and happiness… also used in funerary rites… less and less clear about the intended meaning from my inner consciousness. What I do understand is that dreams have always been powerful messengers in my life.

It may be truth for some people, that dreams are no more than random images or a troubled rehashing of the days events. But, what if we became curious about the images and conversations in our dreaming life? What if we took the view that all characters and objects were representatives of some aspect of ourselves. What would your dreams remind you of then? How might your creativity be inspired if you treated your dreams like messengers of specificity rather than random bandits of peace.

I often go to my dreaming self for a non-linear appraisal of my daylight concerns. Last night I made a similar request for help with a business decision involving essential oils. This is where I tell you dreams can be scavenger hunts that last for months and sometimes years. Except, we don’t feel we have that kind of time do we? It’s all urgent up here. The dreaming world doesn’t necessarily have a time frame for resolution. Or, even a need for resolution. Like this post…

And my marjoram is still perplexing me. And I hope I made the right call on my decision, even without the clarity of a dream vision.


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