The Naked Detox FAQ’s

The Naked Detox FAQ's

The Naked Detox FAQ’s:

Q: Do I have to spend time in the kitchen?

A: Do you have a personal chef? If so, no. If, no, then, yes.

Part of our disconnect with food is… our physical disconnection, our lack of desire, to be bothered, with the life that literally sustains our bodies. I am an advocate of befriending the kitchen.

The cool thing about this detox is that you can modify and omit any of the recipes. You can go crazy with the super expensive super foods and you can go all college budget and stay with the simple ingredients.

If you register early enough you can even pre-plan your meals and freeze some of the soups. The lentil soup was one of the most popular dishes in the last group.

So, don’t be afraid of the kitchen. And remember that you are in charge of your time. No one and no thing can take up more of your time than you allow.

So, if you’re feeling pressed for time, it may be that you are spending less time with the experiences you really want to be having and more time squeezing in everything else.

Give yourself permission to reclaim your time.

Be willing to let some things go that are less important than the things, people, places and events that you truly and deeply want in your life.


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