Tools in the Temple

In the spirit of keeping things simple and getting a post out this week I have a list of some of my go-to temple tools. I would love it if you added the tools that you love to use in the comments section below. I know something that you share will be helpful to another temple dweller (beloved reader.)

bodywork. massage therapy is wonderfully useful, but I’m really inspired by the practitioners who bring a certain quality of presence to the table that allows the receiver to tune in to and engage the deeper layers of information about life and living that the body holds.


dreams. a rich source of guidance and creativity

music. chant. drums. rattles. bells and bowls. and, then, there’s country, rnb, dubstep (one of my favorites) rock, Florence and the Machine (she gets her own listing. She inspires me that much) latin pop, classical, Indie rock/pop, reggaeton, bachata,  You know what moves you.                                                    sunset offering

dance. ecstatic. trance. hip hop. belly. hula. ballroom. square. just let your body move and be moved by the rhythm in your body

food. nutritional nourishment. I do believe, for some of us, this does occasionally include sweet snacks and spirits.

adornment. fragrance. jewelry. clothing. the body is a work of art. celebrate the beauty of it with color and texture.

anointing. think warm oil, warm spices, the flowers, trees and grasses: vanilla, tuberose, neroli, black spruce, lemongrass, lavender, oakmoss, helichrysum. I’m happy to go on…

travel. the world awaits our participation

journaling. is a journey

books. When God Was a Woman; Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith; The Omnivore’s Dilemma; Sex and the Intelligence of the Heart; The gift: Poems by Hafiz; Wise Secrets of Aloha; Essence and Alchemy: A Natural History of Perfume; Cries of the Spirit; Women Who Run With the Wolves. I could keep going here too…

deep listening. hear others and allow yourself to be heard

community. whom do you support and whom do you allow to support you? ( You’ll catch me making many grammar mistakes in this blog. I looked this one up. Whom is an object pronoun and receives the action in both cases here 🙂

I would love, love love to know what tools are in your temple. Please feel free to share in the comment box below.


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