Invitation to the Temple

I am learning the truth about the endless supply of inspiration. One day recently, I got this title in my head- In the Temple- and it was so aligned with what I love sharing with people about going deep with personal growth.


The name isn’t original, someone else owns the .com but I decided to run with it anyway. See where it takes me. A few weeks into the inspiration, however, this is the first time I’ve committed something in writing for anyone else to read.


I got nervous and sidetracked by what temple seems to mean to a wider audience. I got anxious about putting people off with something so strongly associated with religion and doctrine. I did not want to offend readers who may go to Temple as spiritual practice and I didn’t want to upset those who have misgivings about what a temple means.


But temple represents something else to me and I keep coming back to my understanding of it as a place of learning, self-reflection and soul development.



So, these are some of the reasons I am creating a temple space online:


I love to support others in the courageous task of growing ourselves up.


I enjoy helping others see that we are not alone as we experience life.


I want to share the resources I’ve been blessed with through mentors and others who have cared enough to light what has often been a dark and nerve-wracking path to my own self discovery.


And, if we are really brave, the temple (inner and outer) is where we come to know the Divine.


For now, I just want a place where we can come to expand our idea of what is possible in relationship with ourselves and with those around us.


So, I hope that you find something useful and meaningful here, and I welcome you in…



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